ELO-B cells finally see the light of day

Check out this article and our latest study published in Immunity (2022) about how B cells that are programmed early in life can impact long-term immunity. It's a collaborative effort and represents the most provocative and exhilarating study from the Yuan lab yet!

New beginnings during the pandemic

The last year has marked a period of new beginnings for me.  It was in the midst of the pandemic that I found myself making preparations for the next step of my career journey: moving from Edinburgh, UK, to beginning my PhD at Lund University in Lund, Sweden. This was in equal parts thrilling and challenging. During this uncertain time, moving countries was not an easy task and after …

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Trine is a Swedish Research Council international postdoc grantee!

My first PhD student and now postdoc Trine Kristiansen finally got the confirmation that her application (which was initially shortlisted) for International Postdoc Fellowship is going to be funded by the Swedish Research Council! I am so happy to see her move on to pursue her passion for stem cell biology with one of the …

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Welcome Selene!

It's our great pleasure to welcome Selene Sodini to our lab. She is originally from Italy and is joining us from a Masters programme at the University of Edinburgh where she has been working at the intersection of stem cell biology and biophysics. She will be studying the qualitative differences in neonatal and adult B …

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