Keep on rockin’ in the B world

As my time in Lund is coming to an end, I am filled with a mix of emotions. Soon, I’ll start a new exciting chapter of my life in warm southern Europe (or as some call it, Germany). At the same time, I’m leaving a place that supported and nurtured me for these past years.

Now that I feel like everything is set for my departure, I think it’s time to wrap up and reflect on the bad and good moments that defined my experience.

Let me start with the good stuff.

I joined Joan’s  lab in September 2017 shortly after graduation, seeking a new challenge after my PhD. The Yuan Lab proved to be the ideal setting for me – with a young and successful PI, a tight-knit group of people, excellent science, and an exciting environment. During my post-doc, I had right away the opportunity to work on a very cool project (bragging alert: published in Immunity) and was mentored by one of the most brilliant persons I have ever met. Along the way, I forged strong bonds with all the members of the lab and built an important network with many other people in the University environment.

I chose to leave the ‘negative’ moments for the end, as they are more recent in my memory.

In academia, it’s inevitable that eventually, your cycle will come to an end. While this is a normal part for our professional and personal growth, it can be tough to say goodbye to a group of people and especially to a person who invested a lot in your success. Another terrible feeling is the envy I feel towards those who will have the opportunity to join and experience the lab after I depart :).  

Looking back on my time in Lund, I can honestly say that if given the chance, I would happily re-start again from scratch.


Stefano’s last gut prep in the Yuan lab. He is still waiting for the VDJseq results.

Photo credit @giorgiamontanolab

Lab photo from Stefano’s farewell BBQ in the Swedish April sun. Photo credit Chie aka baby mama.