Dear postdoc curious immunology trainee,

We are looking for a newly minted PhD to join our efforts in elucidating the role of early life origin B cells in the adult immune system in the near future. These B cells carry the memory of early life exposure and can be resolved in the adult mouse by genetic time-stamping using lineage tracing strategies. Our research is focused on the function of these B cells in adulthood and how early life antigenic imprinting can shape their repertoire, function and the overall trajectory of immune responses later in life.

Our research team was established 10 years ago. It is located in the historic Lund University, at the very southern tip of Sweden, with excellent connections to the greater Copenhagen metropolitan area in Denmark. Today, our dynamic international team consists of 5 trainees and two technical staff. We are looking for an international postdoc candidate with a passion for immunology, mouse genetics, and hypothesis driven research.  We love endless scientific discussions over a good Swedish ‘Fika’ and would love to hear from like-minded candidates.

As the PI of our team, I am passionate about curiosity driven research, real conceptual advancement, and empowering trainees to find the joy of self-expression through scientific exploration. Please email me directly with a cover letter explaining your motivation to pursue postdoctoral research in our lab and your CV at:


We look forward to hearing from you.

The Yuan lab

Lab retreat, Trollskogen, 2021