Trine is a Swedish Research Council international postdoc grantee!

My first PhD student and now postdoc Trine Kristiansen finally got the confirmation that her application (which was initially shortlisted) for International Postdoc Fellowship is going to be funded by the Swedish Research Council!

I am so happy to see her move on to pursue her passion for stem cell biology with one of the greats at Harvard Medical School. She will be leaving us at years end if all goes well despite COVID restrictions (fingers crossed). Before that though, I look forward to a few additional months of intensive team work to submit her latest manuscript in collaboration with the talented Jonas Ungerbäck of the Sigvardsson lab :-).

Out of all Trine’s various achievements and awards (including this one) throughout her PhD career, this grant is the most competitive and meaningful, as it gives her the scientific independence to take the leap into the unknown and embark on high-risk high-gain projects in her academic pursuit. It has been a joy to witness her personal and scientific evolution over the last seven (!!!) years and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

I think I speak for the whole Yuan lab and Division of Molecular Hematopoiesis when I say:

I will miss her.

Throwback from Trine’s scientific infancy.
Our very first lab retreat in 2013 getting lost at Skrylle Nature Reserve.
left: Trine right: Joan
Photo by: Sebak Datta.